10 Benefits of Managed Services for SMEs

As a small to medium sized enterprise managing your It resources can be challenging, particularly if you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge. But other than freeing yourself from the constraints of IT management, what benefits can managed services deliver to an SME?

1. Control IT Costs
One of the major benefits with any outsourcing is that it provides a simple, monthly payment structure which prevents you have to incur IT management costs such as calling out specialists to fix a problem.

2. Reduced HR Costs
Employing fully trained IT staff is expensive and that’s before you consider the quagmire of finding the right personnel to fill the role. Managed services completely remove this cost, allowing you to employ staff purely for business growth functions.

3. Finding IT Qualified Staff
There are so many qualifications and certifications out there for IT personnel that it can be extremely difficult to know exactly what you are looking for as an untrained person.

4. Qualifications vs. Experience
Even if you know the qualifications you are looking for it is hard to determine the type of experience you require. If you’re employing and in-house specialist then their experience may be focussed in one organisation, similarly an agency worker may not have the necessary attributes to work in a single organisation.

5. Better Efficiency
Managed services let you dramatically increase the efficiency of your IT functions. In-house IT can lead to greater time spent on researching and developing solutions before even looking at implementation.

6. Update Flexibility
Keeping all of your IT hardware in-house can be costly to set up and require serious financial investment. Set up costs are multiplied by the rigidness of the system and particularly the costs which are incurred when updating systems. For a managed services provider offering leading edge technology is a core objective of their business ensuring that you can utilise the latest technologies without investing all of your revenue into hardware.

7. Business Focus
Eliminating the headache, time and effort required to manage your IT systems allows you to focus on the core objectives of your business, resulting in better growth and profitability.

8. Negligible Risk
Your managed services provider takes much of the risk associated with IT for you and as long as you are careful in the provider you select it is possible to greatly reduce the risk your business is exposed to.

9. Compliance
One of the ways a managed services company reduces risk is by ensuring your systems remain compliant with legislation (particularly important when taking card payments). In addition the provider ensures security for systems, security which would cost a significant amount to implement in-house.

10. Greater Competitiveness
As a small to medium size business obtaining the IT resources to compete with bigger business is costly and in many cases impractical. By using managed services it is possible to level the playing field, making you competitive with businesses of your own size and even larger market players.